Case Quarter

by Three Happenin Guys

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Possibly Three Happenin Guys most atmospheric and emotionally charged release, Case Quarter is a melodic and layered indie opus. Equal parts Bowie, Disney, and Dalí, sit back and let this music suck you in to it’s haunting, dreamy world.


released January 1, 2005

Dustin Timbrook, Chris McCauley, Clint Donaldson, Bronson Tew, and Christian Folmar. Featuring Guests Kimi Sampson on "The Sound That Will Kill You" and Miles McCauley on "Mouse Bite"



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Track Name: The Sound That Will Kill You
Limping towards the exit gate,
knowing that he won’t escape.
As the family slowly bled,
this is what he said.

If you’re angry with yourself
don’t tell anyone else.
If my children get to cry
then why don’t I?
I will tuck you into bed.
They will amputate your head.

If you came to see a wreck
I’ll write out the check.
If your blood is turning blue
then change mine too.
When the answers have been fed,
they will rape you till you’re dead.

You wait another year.
You wait another day.
You’ll wait for him you say.
You’ll wait, and wait, and wait.
Well I’ve made up my mind.
I won’t waste your time.
I’ll fall out of line
till all the bruises shine.
I’ll break my legs in two,
and drag myself to you.
I’m sorry but it’s true.
My blood is turning blue.
Don’t try to hide the shame.
Spread my ashes in the rain.

When the sun falls from the sky,
we’ll see eye to eye.
When you wake up all alone
and bleed on the phone.
Love’s a death you can’t escape.
Close your eyes and stay awake.
Track Name: Madrid
I hardly know you,
a name tag tied down,
resurrected from the slime.
When all the things you think you hate
liver up a second state,
something to fit your head around.
Brow beat a thanks for wasted time.

Wipe away the tears you cry.
Everything will be all right.
Never tell the ones you know.
Hang it up out in the snow.

And when the sun comes up,
I think you’ll know
An amputated limb won’t grow.
It’s grass in the park.
Like heaven sent a broken vent,
a stab in the dark.
Like counting down the days
till operation.
Every dime’s amazed to be spent.
Till linings dent.
Till atoms split.
Till all that they can say
each and every day is…
Track Name: Amputee
A mainstream mess,
a fly-eaten breast,
an empty sack.
You wake up alone,
you bleed on the phone,
they don’t call back.
And even if you dial past this stratosphere,
they aren’t calling back.
It’s easy on the limbs.
It drips off your chins,
lifeless and fat.

brick wall birth control.
the devil’s gonna steal your soul.
pills in a green bowl.
the devil’s gonna steal your soul.

I cut off my arm.
It lost all its charm.
It’s not growing back.
It makes up its mind.
It wastes all you time,
a seed in the crack.
And worry only comes every now and then
like a heart attack.
I’ll make it up to you.
I’ll cling down to
the mercury bath.
Track Name: Shingles
Live wire
coiled up from the fire.
Dead limb
breaks apart again.

Well he rode
on a roller coaster.
He got sick.
That was the end of it.
I’m on
and I’m burnin the toaster.
It’s broke.
That’s the extent of it.

Loose fur,
blind and undeterred,
leaks from
two aquatic lungs.

Blue blood,
washed out in the flood,
can’t fill
all the holes I drill.
Track Name: Blue Blood
On the way from the embassy
her legs broke with symmetry.
Just like an air-cooled enemy,
it burns down so easily.
With a stare that you can’t erase,
she landed here from outer space.
Take some time
to move along,
to transfuse.

My blood is blue,
Dead whale morning dew.
My candle’s wet,
Just an airplane short of a jet.
My home’s a wreck.
Blame it on the architect.
Won’t take away
all the shame that ruins a day.

So start a fire with the shopping list.
You play cards like a terrorist.
And all the things that worry me,
put in a handbag secretly.
You were right.
I’ll take the next flight
over and again till it bends.
See here eyelids dissipate,
and transpose.

My blood is black,
she said so matter-of-fact.
My matriarch,
Just a bag of bones in the dark.
My flaccid heart,
lonely as an old K-mart,
withers away
in a land of death and decay.
Track Name: Sold Out
We just can’t keep it up.
We just can’t keep it up.
When words just aren’t enough.
When words just aren’t enough.

So go.
Best thing that ever happened to me.
And no,
I’ll be bleeding with your
family tree.

When there’s poison in your cup.
There’s poison in your cup.
And your body’s floating up.
Your body’s floating up.

When your house is burning up.
Your house is burning up.
Don’t the kids get all the luck?
The kids get all the luck.
Track Name: Lungfish
She’s got plastic lungs.
Yeah we know.
She’s gonna have my son
under water.

A dead headlight,
blood in all its pores,
it kills over.
You beg for more.
I’m washing eggshells,
cantankerous bore.
Just like the ceiling,
it tore.

So tired of daycare
knocking at the door
to plant a place card
in your hip.
Don’t take the freeway,
strewn across the floor.
It’s shooting death rays
from her lips.

She’s tied all our tongues
In a bow.
She’s from a different time,
and I’m so out of date.
Track Name: Lab Coat
You don’t know my son,
do you?
Air slipped from my lungs,
is all that’s left.
You fell from the sky
when the well was dry.
Work is all I’ve done.
But it grows, and grows
and grows, and grows, and grows.

But you wake up in a panic
from a cloud in the air.
And you don’t even fit into
The clothes that you wear.
So you give it all you got,
till your fingers rot.
Till they reach the bone,
at home,
a tailpipe.

And that’s what it looks like.

I’ll go wait outside
Where the last one died.

And that’s what it feels like.
Track Name: Static
But he never got away.
And he never heard them say.
If you hear a rabbit scream,
it’s just a little dream.
Close your eyes and stay awake.

I never told you
what was left to do.
I never noticed
the edge of the field
as it tore.
Watch as it withers,
bursts into splinters,
dry as the winter,
tossed like a wave to the shore.

Apples and oranges.
You’ll take your chances
on poor circumstances,
on people that don’t know your name.

Went to the lakeshore,
lifted the dance floor.
Hundreds of houses,
An empty shell for the rain.